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Jen Clarke
Pilates Trainer

Jen Clarke

I stuck with the Pilates and enjoyed it so much, I upped my classes to twice weekly, and have never looked back!


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Over just 4 months Jen introduced pilates exercises, for just one hour a week, and I got my life back. My mobility increased, my depressive state started to lift, and my pain reduced. Movement is medicine and Jen helped me see that. Pilates was great, so much so, I moved to Leeds and continued Jen’s classes online via Zoom.


I was never really into any type of fitness until I started Pilates with Jen. Now I’m hooked and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them both! I love the energy and strength it gives me both physically and mentally, and it’s ability to calm the mind. Jen is an incredible Pilates teacher and an inspiration. ♥️


Jen is an excellent personal trainer that can cater to anyone’s needs, whether they are a gym novice or a seasoned professional sportsperson.
She not only helped me look good and feel confident for my wedding day, but she also showed me how important it was to take care of my body.


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